Commuting with Electric Bikes in the UK

Commuting to work with a bike is not an easy feat in the UK, with the numerous roads being very dangerous to drive on and the weather being very adverse throughout a full year.

You have to ensure you’re prepped for all occasions, especially when you can see rain coming on towards the end of your day. (I’ve been there!)

It can be so easy to get into the car and just drive yourself out to work and stay dry, but this blog is here to show you the power of commuting via cycling, more specifically through Electric Bikes.

Oxygen GO! – Electric Folding Bike

Compared to 2020, the number of people cycling to work has held up strongly. In week one of the study, back in mid-June 2020, just 1.3% of people overall and 4.5% of all those travelling to work did so by bike. Just over one year on, as the UK emerged from lockdown in July 2021, the figure stands at 3% of the overall population and 6.7% of those commuting.

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Oxygen GO! – Electric Folding Bike


We have seen an impressive increase in commuting via cycling to work since the pandemic, and while the cost of living is continuously rising we are all looking for ways to cut back on costs at all levels and electric bikes are definitely something to help in this regard. The Energy Saving Trust claims that while not only you can completely cut your carbon commissions out, you also only pay an estimated 10p per 10 miles of riding on an Electric Bike, compared to a petrol or diesel car it is averaged at £1.50. Not even counting your tax, parking & other costs related to driving a car. Special perk if you can charge your battery at your place of work, even more savings!

What type of eBike?

Now here is where our expertise comes into play, its obvious that you can save more money, you create a significantly less carbon footprint and also improve your mental and physical health by cycling, but when it comes down to it, what bike is best for commuting?

We see a lot of our customers using a mountain bike for commuting, which naturally comes at a bigger disadvantage than most think. We absolutely recommend using a commuter style bike specifically over a hybrid being:

Oxygen GO! – Folding Electric Bike
  1. Positioning – You will find a commuter or folding eBike much more comfortable to sit on and ride than a mountain bike due to the bar positioning and stem.
  2. Lights included – This is a prominent feature for commuting style eBikes, they will come with lights for visibility on the road.
  3. Racks – Having a rack is very useful if you have equipment you need to take to work or any repair kits you might need on the bike in case of a puncture.
  4. Maintenance Cost – Having a lower speed gearset and not as higher specified componentry, when it comes to replacement after significant use you will find its a lot more economically friendly.
  5. Tyres – If you are riding on the road a lot more than off road its going to be a significantly smoother experience and more efficient when using power assistance.

Where to go from here?

There are many more reasons and comparisons to be done with commuting to work, such as is a train journey involved? Why do I need an eBike over a normal one?

If you have any questions and want guidance we are always happy to help you to see if it is a viable option for you on our Contact Us page.

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Commuting with Electric Bikes in the UK

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