Oxygen Bike Maintenance

Here are some bike maintenance tips recommended by us here at Oxygen Electric Bicycles to help you get the best out of your bike, and to ensure that your bike is in great condition and always ready for the next adventure!

Bike Maintenance

Lubrication of Bike Components

Your bike’s condition will change after every trip and generally the more you ride the more regular bike maintenance will be required. We recommend that you do carry out regular maintenance checks. Please see the table below for a guide on how often to carry out regular bike maintenance tasks.

ComponentFrequencyLubricantHow to Lubricate
ChainWeeklyChain lube or light oilBrush on or squirt
Derailleur WheelsWeekly Chain lube or light oil Brush on or squirt
DerailleurWeeklyOil2 squirts from oil can
Brake LeversWeeklyOil 2 squirts from oil can
Brake CalipersMonthlyOil2 drops from oil can
FreewheelEvery 6 monthsOil2 squirts from oil can
Brake Cables Every 6 months Lithium based greaseDisassemble
Shift LeversEvery 6 months Lithium based grease Disassemble
PedalsAnnually Lithium based grease Disassemble
Derailleur Cables Annually Lithium based grease Disassemble
Wheel Bearings Annually Lithium based grease Disassemble
HeadsetAnnually Lithium based grease Disassemble


Please note that the above table is just an example on different kinds of lubricants that can be used and a frequency of using them.

Please never use any spray degreasers for bike maintenance lubrication. Always contact your bike dealer for the best advice on what type of lubricant to use. If you feel uncomfortable with doing the routine maintenance by yourself, please use a qualified bicycle mechanic.

Parts that are allowed to be self maintained by the owner:


For the full manual on how to set up the Bengal Performance Brakes please visit the following web link: http://www.bengalperformance.com.tw/download.html then choose the appropriate language version of the mechanical brakes maintenance and set up.

For the full manual on how to set up the V-Brakes please visit the following web link:

Running Gears

For the adjustment manual on how to set up the running gears please refer to the Shimano technical documents available here:



Please note that Oxygen Bicycles do not allow for any sort of self maintenance of the electrical components.

If any problem with the bicycle electrics occurs please contact your OXYGEN Electric Bikes Stockist. Always use a qualified technician when dealing with batteries.

Never should you open the battery yourself as this can be dangerous. Inappropriate service to the battery can cause serious injury or even death.