About Us

Oxygen are a South Yorkshire, United Kingdom based company providing the best electric bicycle‘s.

Our aim is to introduce a range of the best electric bicycle‘s to the market as an alternative and eco-friendly form of transport, whilst promoting the use of eBikes for health and the environment.

We believe that in these times of rising fuel costs and public transport fares, eBikes provide a fantastic solution for many commuters. Our eBikes are also designed for those who use cycling as a form of leisure, whether you are up in the mountains or taking it easy on a gravel trail or tarmac.

Our range has been designed to have high specification and performance for the price. We work tirelessly to ensure that we are providing quality components and technology on our models, for a price that is fair and welcoming for our consumers. We also strive to ensure that we continuously support our models and are able to provide consumers with any spare parts required. Our models are currently manufactured in Europe, but designed and tested by ourselves in the UK.

We are confident that our level of customer service ensures the rider is getting the best electric bicycle they can, further reinforced by the quality of our products.

Best Electric Bicycle