Oxygen Bike Warranty

These limited warranty conditions, the “warranty”, apply to new Oxygen Electric Bikes LTD (Oxygen Bikes) bicycles purchased in the United Kingdom, provided they are registered with us within 14 days of purchase and bought from an authorised dealer. Please retain proof of purchase.

The warranty does not affect your statutory rights or the obligations of your retailer and your contract with them.

We provide warranty cover for an Oxygen Bikes bicycle subject to the following conditions:

We will repair defects affecting the bicycle and its components which are clearly due to material and/or manufacturing faults (or replace them), provided they are reported immediately after being identified, and within 24 months of the date of purchase or 60 months for the frame (the “Warranty Period”). Replaced parts may be refurbished parts, depending on the age of the bike/component. General exclusions, terms and conditions apply: see below.

You are responsible for shipping charges, insurance, and other expenses incurred when returning products to Oxygen Bikes, and for return shipping charges. You are further responsible for any labour charges incurred for fitting of parts replaced under the warranty. A quote shall be submitted before any work commences. We shall waive labour and return charges at our sole discretion.

This warranty applies only to the original owner of this Oxygen bicycle purchased from an authorised Oxygen Bikes dealer, and shall remain in force only as long as the original owner retains proof of ownership of the Oxygen Bikes bicycle. The warranty is not transferable: for example, if you resell the bicycle, unless we specify otherwise.

Before submitting a claim, we advise that you contact your local dealer for advice or Oxygen Bikes through our online form.

General exclusions to this warranty

1. Damage to the bicycle caused by accident.

2. Misuse of the bicycle (for example, racing, dirt jumping, 4X, dual, enduro and downhill riding).

3. Lack of care causing damage to the battery or any mechanical components.

4. Damage caused by deliberate intention.

5. Unauthorised modification of the electrical system, or using non Oxygen chargers, batteries and other electrical components.

6. Lack of maintenance and servicing that leads to damage and performance problems.

7. Failure of warranty registration.

8. Failure to provide proof of purchase or ownership of the bike (invoice, proof of purchase, sales receipt).

9. Components that are subject to natural wear and tear are not covered under this warranty (i.e tyres, tubes, brake pads, chains etc) unless they fail from an inherent defect. Damage to other components from worn components are not covered.

10. Components that are incorrectly installed after the bicycle has been bought, are incompatible or lead to degraded performance and failure of those and existing parts.

11. Not reporting a known problem which causes further damage to the bike and /or its components.


The warranty does not cover the derailleur hanger or paint work, or any damage caused by modification of the frame or the fitting of incorrect or incompatible components. The warranty will not cover frame failure for seat posts that have not been inserted far enough into the frame, or for riders over 120kg.


We warrant that the battery will hold at least 65% of its full rated capacity after 24 months of use, provided that they are used and maintained according to the manual and user guidelines. The warranty covers all the electronic parts such as the motor, controller, display, switches and cables.

Please read the manual and see our webpage for maintenance tips and proper usage of the bicycle and components.

1 Year Warranty for Commercial Use

Warranty covered by Oxygen Bicycles is for the duration of the first year ownership of a new Oxygen Bicycle on all electrical parts and frame only. Commercial use includes companies such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats. Also use of a Bike Hire service in a commercial environment would also be subject to the same conditions.


Warranty covered by Oxygen Bicycles is for the duration of the first year ownership of an ‘ex-demo’ Oxygen Bicycle on all electrical parts and Frame. Bike must be assembled by a professional & qualified mechanic. General Exclusions apply. The original owner shall pay labour and carriage charges connected with the repair or replacement of all parts.

Our Promise

We endeavour to solve warranty issues as soon as possible and aim to send parts out by the next working day, however, in some circumstances we may need more time to carry out the diagnosis or repair of your bike. We will do our best to return your bike/component within 10 working days from the date of receiving them.

*The (limited) warranty applies in the United Kingdom. Countries outside the United Kingdom are still covered by parts warranty, but shipping fees will be applicable in both directions. See your dealer for the specific warranty in your country. Warranty valid only if bicycle is assembled by an authorized oxygen dealer.