Oxygen Bicycles are proud to introduce the list of our partners that contribute to the excellence of our electric bikes. Without them we simply couldn’t create highest quality electric bikes. We carefully selected the best and most reliable bicycle components which have proven over the number of years their quality. If you are not familiar with the bicycle components brands please take the opportunity to learn more about them.


8FUN created by Suzhou Bafang is one of the market leaders in hub motors designed for electric bicycles. 8FUN motors are quiet, efficient, powerful and most importantly – extremely reliable. The new Bafang motors used on our Oxygen Bikes are equipped with the internal gearing system which increases the maximum torque making them excellent hill climbers.


This is our number one partner. Safty Energy specialises in the manufacture and development of highest quality lithium polymer batteries with compound cathodes and the microchip battery management systems with controlled power delivery. It is important to highlight that Safty has recently expanded their production of batteries from military and aviation ranges to electric bikes.


Alex Rims have already been on the market for the last few years and the feedback received from their users has been overwhelming. Alex rims manufacture highly durable and lightweight rims.


This is the legend. German manufacturer specialising mainly in the manufacture of bicycle tyres. Schwalbe have developed the best bicycle tyres with the highest anti puncture protection. That is why Schwalbe is used by Royal Mail and many other postal companies all over the world.


SR Suntour are one of the leading manufactures of bicycle components specialising in drive systems and suspension forks. Currently all our electric bikes use Suntour forks which offer high comfort and light weight solid suspension which works for brilliantly for years.


Shimano are probably the only manufacturer that everyone has heard of. Shimano are indeed the World largest manufacture of bicycle components specialising mainly in gearing systems and drives for bicycles. All Oxygen electric bikes use Shimano components.


Bengal Performance is the least known manufacturer on our list of partners but certainly the one that needs the huge applauses. Bengal Performance are the manufacturers specialising solely in the brake systems for bicycles. Tested in house by our own team of riders we can clearly say these brakes offer the top quality braking performance just as good as famous Avid Ball Bearings. Even Shimano have not been capable to create brakes with such a great modulation.


Kenda Tyres are the manufacture solely specialising the production and development of all sorts of tyres. They manufacture great quality tyres with respectively great value for money. Definitely one of the best tyres manufactures on the Earth.