Refurbished 16Ah S-Cross Battery (#02)


Refurbished S-Cross Battery for all S-Cross models.

Battery returned with faulty Battery Management System, repaired and replaced.

Some slight cosmetic damage to the battery case.

Average mileage of this battery after load test: 58 miles.

Average mileage of new 16ah battery: 70 miles.

The average mileage is worked out based on, using the bike on a medium power setting on a flat terrain with no other variables present.

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Oxygen Refurbished Battery Warranty

Oxygen has the right to replace or repair any part within the 1-year warranty period provided with any refurbished battery.

Warranty includes:

  • Any failure or unexpected issue with any part of the battery.

Warranty does not include:

  • Fair degradation of cells over time.
  • Damage occurred from misuse.
  • Failure to provide proof of purchase or ownership.
  • Negligence caused by inappropriate battery care such as leaving the battery fully discharged for any period without re-charging it. (Li-ion batteries should not be fully discharged and left).
  • Charging the battery with any charger other than supplied by Oxygen Bicycles.
Refurbished 16Ah S-Cross Battery (#02)


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